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What we do

Our creative center


We are Jeti Animations

We are an experienced team of creative designers and developers who work together to transform innovative and effective ideas into exciting digital content. For every product there's the right advertising – and we take care of it!


Our expertise

We are an agency that works with a large network of many experienced designers and developers. This enables us to put together an individual team for every project, which can be adapted perfectly to the requirements of the respective project.

With us, you have a single contact to take care of the creation of all required content. This has many benefits, for instance less work for you, a greater overview of the results achieved, better understanding between agency and customer, and improved marketing of your products generally.

  • Brand development
  • Mobile & web design
  • User Experience
  • 3D visualizations / 360° content / VR / AR
  • App development
  • Animations


We work with you to develop the content that makes for successful marketing. We are experts in the use of new technologies and the creation of meaningful content. Here are just a few of our projects.

Our core team

We are an experienced team with great passion for our work. We offer wonderful digital solutions for all products on any conceivable end device, such as Android devices, iOS devices, Windows PCs and, of course, Windows phones, digital signage systems and many more. For every new project, a correspondingly optimized core team is assembled to achieve the best possible results.


We believe that interactive elements like websites and apps not only need to look good but should also be easy to use. Even the best-looking websites can quickly become irritating if they are difficult to use or don't do what you intuitively expect.

Identity & Branding

Every product needs good marketing. Our design team will make different suggestions for you and assist you with the development of all content.

User Experience

To ensure that our content doesn't just look good but is also easy and intuitive to use, it is tested extensively and worked out with you in detail.

3D Visualizations

When compared with classic photography, 3D visualizations can not only save costs, but also make the presentation of your products considerably more exciting. Nowadays it is no longer enough to simply show an image of your product. To ensure that it remains in the minds of potential customers, you have to depict something that people can tell their friends and acquaintances about. We help you to create extraordinary visualizations that fix themselves in the minds of customers.

Mobile & Web Design

We create responsive, modern websites that adapt to the respective end device. That means you don't have to worry about your own website being hard or impossible to use on iPhones or other mobile devices, for instance. Our websites and apps are individually adapted to each desired end device.

iOS app development

The world of iPads and iPhones is naturally as close to our hearts as all other end devices are. That is why we have artists and developers on hand who specialize in these end devices and can implement almost any concept successfully. From the idea to the finished app: We help you to realize your ideas and wishes with attention to detail.

Video Production

Whether an animation, real film or aerial imagery using a drone: We show your product in the best light and advise you on which combination is best suited to your plans. Here too, we have experienced experts for every project to ensure the successful implementation of your aims.

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