• VR-Configurator for yachts
  • Interactive Virtual Reality in 3D
  • Completely customizable

Germany's first virtual reality 3D yacht configurator, enabling your yachts to be experienced interactively even before construction!


VR Yacht Configurator

With our newly developed VR software, you can teleport your customers to any yacht at all in a matter of seconds!

With this system, any configuration and every conceivable combination of all types of materials, furnishings or entire interior designs can not only be viewed, but also interactively experienced.
Users can put together their own ideal configuration for themselves, which also greatly simplifies communication.

Interactive VR Configurator

Let the customer not only see your yacht but also experience it interactively!

Fully customizable

From software through to hardware, we provide the optimum configuration for your needs.

3D real-time visualization

Thanks to many years of experience in the automotive industry, we are specialists in high-end visualizations.

An initial insight

First impressions from our VR yacht configurator. It is of course a completely different experience when you teleport yourself onto a yacht using our VR system!


Our software enables you to move freely, look over the railing into the water or simply lay on deck and enjoy the blue sky and the sun on the 3D model of a yacht within a virtual reality. For some people this is enough, but we have a few additional functions to offer nevertheless.

For example, the user can choose from a multitude of materials themselves and assign these to previously defined objects at the push of a button. This makes it easier for every potential buyer to decide on the right materials. Would the interior work better in mahogany, cherry or oak? Should the sofas and seats be covered in light or dark leather?
With so many choices, it is easy to become overwhelmed. It is also difficult to imagine the various materials in the yacht based on samples that are usually too small. We now have the right solution for this!

  • Show effect for your customers
  • Infinite configuration options
  • Adaptable to your requirements in every respect
  • Complete system including hardware and software
  • All-inclusive service with personal support
  • Enabling cost savings
  • Improves communication with your customers

Of course, entire fitouts, interiors or individual items of furniture can also be adapted and configured depending on requirements. The opportunities are almost endless.
Users can put together their own ideal configuration for themselves, which also greatly simplifies communication.

If that still isn't enough for you, and you want even more options and functions in your VR yacht configurator, talk to us and we will be happy to realize your wishes!


Our system is essentially based on HTC Vive VR technology, as this has impressed us the most based on our personal experience, and we consider it the highest quality system on the market at present.

As well as the HMD (Head Mounted Display/VR headset), it offers two motion controllers, which can be used to interact intuitively with the virtual reality.
For example, using these it is possible to move items, switch materials or simply push a button that displays an alternative interior.

To enable the use of our virtual reality yacht configurator when you're out and about, we also offer mobile solutions that can, for example, be displayed on a smartphone or tablet at any time.
We would be happy to explain how that works in detail in a personal conversation.

360° Stereo VR Screenshots

Do you like our VR yacht configurator?
It's just one example of the possible uses and diversity of our system.
Call us and we will create a concept for your VR configurator!

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